My experience as a special education teacher will contribute to my success as a city council member. As a special education teacher, I am required to collect information, teach students, meet with parents and teachers. All for a collective goal of working for and helping students. I will apply that skillset to meeting the needs of Crystal residents.

My qualifications for this office are my empathy, my ability to understand why people believe what they believe and how I can connect to them. I am a thoughtful and driven person who will be a strong addition to the Crystal City Council.

Racial Equity

The Crystal City Council needs to address systemic racism and strive for racial equity by first looking at the needs of all residents by establishing a Human Rights Commission. The Crystal City Council needs to empower this commission by supporting and implementing their recommendations.

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Climate Change

Climate change will affect everyone and Crystal should do more to slow climate change’s effects. Did you know that Crystal has solar panels that provide a source of income for the city? The city should add more. City buildings should find ways to lower their energy use like installing energy saving light bulbs. Crystal needs to increase its renewable energy sources and find ways to lower their environmental footprint.

Light Rail

Crystal needs to be a strong advocate for the Metro Blue Line extension. It will be a jobs and economic development catalyst, and a needed transportation option for Crystal.

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Crystal's Greatest Challenge

The biggest challenge will be the financial fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve seen predictions about dire consequences for city budgets in the coming years. While we do not know what will happen we need to be prepared for the economic fallout of the virus. Managing the financial fallout will be critical to ensuring we have a strong Crystal for its residents. I believe I am the strongest candidate to meet this challenge.